Once again, Meraki has surprised me with their awesomeness and complete attention to detail. This time it is with a great update to Meraki MX Security Appliances. The content of that update:  “          “.


As you can see from the screenshot, there is no change log; it’s just blank. Thinking it was something I had done, I entered troubleshooting mode, double checking in other browsers and even logging into another administrator’s account. No success: it’s just blank!

Like we tell our users, “We can’t fix it unless you tell us,” so I wrote a nice support ticket to Meraki explaining what I was seeing and how I had tested it.

Their response:

"The last few firmware releases have mainly been bug fixes and optimization tweaks rather than the introduction of new features. As such, engineering has not actually put anything in the change log that is client facing which is why it appears blank."

When is this lack of transparency acceptable in any enterprise hardware/software? For kicks I checked Meraki’s own iOS app and found a nice change log for the past few releases. I also examined Dropbox which was kind of enough to include “Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements” and while it’s not as detailed as many of us prefer, it is better than seeing that blank page Meraki gave us.

Please Meraki, don’t suck at the simple stuff.


AuthorJonathan Spiva