The first post in forever is going to a simple and short one. I wanted to get on the record as to my predictions for what's happening next for the MacMini and MacPro models.

  • MacMini and MacPro refresh are the same thing

  • Will start at $1999

  • 8x Thunderbolt 3 ports

  • 1x 2.5/5.0/10Gb Ethernet

  • Two (or three) units will fit very perfectly on a 19-inch rack mount shelf, but Apple will not acknowledge this was on purpose to anybody.

  • CPU will range from a 4-core, eight threads to 28-core, 56 thread unit, something like this chip.

  • Modest memory will start at 16GB but scale to 128GB,

  • Disk again will start at a modest 256GB but scale to 4TB

  • A single full-size PCIe slot will exist for graphics cards which will be filled with a cheap/slow graphics card that supports up to 5k displays with upgrade options supporting more 5k displays.

In the Wild-ass guesses category which I think would be fun, interesting, or really annoy people.

  • No analog audio in or out, no other ports, no SDXC, no Built-in speaker

  • 4x4 WiFiv6 (random wifi guys dream)

  • Very few (maybe zero) USBa ports

  • The first use of a T3 chip

AuthorJonathan Spiva